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Ametek HDR Power Systems

  HDR Capabilities Brochure HDR Capabilities Brochure.pdf Top of Page
Ametek HDR MP1.png MP1, the latest in cutting edge technology for SCR power controllers from AMETEK HDR. MP1 Brochure 890 kB.pdf  
  Model PF1 Series Power Controls, Single-Phase Phase-Fired Models Rated 15 - 70 Amperes pf1_15-70_11-04.pdf Top of Page
  PF1 Series single-phase, phase-fired SCR Power Control HDR pf1_60-1200.pdf  
  Model PF3 Series, Power Controls, Three-Phase (6 SCR) Phase-Fired, Models Rated 60 - 1200 Amperes pf3_60-1200_11-04.pdf Top of Page
  SHPF1 Series single-phase, phase-fired
SCR Power Control
  MODEL SHPF3 SERIES, POWER CONTROLS, Three-Phase (6 SCR) Phase-Fired Models, Rated 15 - 225 Amperes shpf3.pdf  
Power Controls
  ZF1 Series are single-phase zero-fired SCR
Power Controls
zf1_60-1200_11-04.pdf Top of Page
  Model ZF2 Series, Power Controls, Three-Phase (3-Wire Only) Zero-Fired, Models Rated 60 - 1200 Amperes zf2_60-1200_11-04.pdf  
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Ametek HDR
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